lunedì 29 agosto 2011


Born in Naples she was brought up in a family of artists. After obtaining her diploma at the Naples Art Institute in 1992, she studied at the European Institute of Design in Rome, where she taught from 2000 until 2002.
Ms. Arciprete participated in different group exhibitions during those years.
came The Etabeta Project at D’Ars gallery of Milan (2007); then Barbie and the China Dolls, at the CVB Gallery of Beijing, China ( 2007). In viaggio (oct at Trip gallery, Naples (2007). The Flag at NYArts gallery, Beijing, China (2008), Proposte per una collezione at Villa Di Donato, Naples ( 2009). Latitude 34 /40 at LA art core , Los Angeles ( 2010).
Caterina introduced, for the first time, her work to New York City in Feb. 2006, in an exhibition entitled Naples’s Eye at Regione Campania, and at the Jefferson Institute of Philadelphia. In the Kingdom of Black Silence was presented in NYC at Regione Campania in Nov. 2006.
Her solo exhibitions: Infinito ,Zabo Gallery, Naples (2005), followed by C’era una volta una Regina at the St. Elmo Castle of Naples (2006), Luce d’oro , at the Camomilla shops (f2007) and In the kingdom of Black Silence at the Trip Gallery of Naples ( 2007). Inside at Villa Doria, Naples (2009), About us at Domus Artis gallery, Naples ( 2010), L’anima vestita-The soul’s dress at PAN museum of contemporary art , Naples (2010) and from this last show she brings a paintings to harlem’s show. Now she working with TSB art festival in NYC (1st oct to 31 oct 2011).

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